Our Team


 Our team is made up of stylists with diverse backgrounds, natural talent, and an immense love of learning. We pride ourselves on our continuing education programs because we know that continually honing our skills creates the best experience for our clients. 



Owner | Stylist/Makeup Artist

Jerritt comes from a small town in Georgia, but he never let that define him. Eddie and Jerritt shared a vision to open a team-oriented, motivated salon, fueled by stylists who are passionate about education and are ever-evolving with the industry. Thus, Ed/it Salon was born. 

From sugaring services and lash extensions to makeup, your typical coloring services, and vivid color corrections, Jerritt does it all. If you're dreaming of changing your look, he's here to help you make your goal a reality!

Find Jerritt on Instagram: @hairjesusofficial


Owner | Stylist/Makeup Artist

Eddie first found the love for hairdressing when he visited the salon with his mom to watch her get perms as a young boy in Fresno, CA. He grew up playing with anyone's hair that would let him and even melted a few Barbies' wigs trying to curl them! He enrolled in Bahner College of Hairstyling in June of 2000. After graduating in 2001, Eddie began as an apprentice at Tommy O's Rock & Roll Salon & Spa. He studied under Tom Ortiz and saw exactly where he wanted his career to go. From there, he pursued many educational opportunities to further his craft and knowledge of hairdressing. 

After moving to Chattanooga in 2005, he began working with an Aveda salon and continued pursuing his dreams. In 2007, he changed gears and began working in a Bumble & Bumble salon as a stylist and network educator. In 2014, Eddie became an educator with Keratin Complex and taught several smoothing and color classes regionally and nationally, furthering his own education in the process. 

In 2017, Eddie & Jerritt realized they wanted to open a salon where stylists could come to focus on education and thrive in a creative, fun, and professional atmosphere. And in November of 2017, Edit Salon was born. In December of 2017, he decided it was time to go a different route in education and accepted a position with Eufora International as a EuforaColor educator. 

Aside from education, you will find Eddie was behind the chair executing beautiful hair color and cuts, ranging from balayage and seductive brunettes to vivid unicorn hair, as well as extensions, upstyling, smoothing treatments, and body sugaring. Eddie is also an accomplished makeup artist and loves to paint a face for any occasion. 

He has 2 kiddos, Charlie and Jordis. 

He looks forward to helping you achieve your hair dreams!

Find Eddie on Instagram: @hair_buddha



Stylist/Makeup Artist

With 10 years in the industry as a stylist and talented makeup artist, Latosha has definitely touched more hearts than hair! In her work, she channels her free-spirited personality and is able to create vivid colors  ⁠—  bold and unapologetic. 

Latosha's bright and shining aura is also expressed in the blonde hues she creates. She's taking her work to even greater lengths through the training and education she is currently receiving with Hot Heads Extensions. 

There is nothing standing in her way!

Find Latosha on Instagram: @labeautyparlor



Finn loves curls! In his world, you can never have too much texture or be too blonde. 

Finn puts a ton of focus on education and regularly attends classes to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in cutting, balayage techniques, lightening services, vivid color, and more. 

With a love for all things natural and organic, Finn is committed to Eufora and shares in their vision of delivering optimal results with quality products. 

Find Finn on Instagram: @veganvodou



Stylist/Makeup Artist

We welcomed Kelsey to our team in July 2019! During her five years as a professional stylist, she has become an accomplished makeup artist and certified in Hot Heads Extensions. 

Kelsey is confident in providing stunning blonding services and Pinterest-worthy balayage. We are so excited to watch her grow with us!

Find Kelsey on Instagram: @kelseyroddyhair




We welcomed Adafo to our team in September of 2019. Short styles and blonding are among Adafo's many talents.

During his two years as a professional stylist, he has accomplished vast educational opportunities such as Sam Villa cutting Curriculum  and Corinne Brown color Academy.

Adafo is confident in providing healthy and chic natural hair services.

Find Adafo on Instagram: @hairby.adafo




Ryan joined Edit Salon in November 2019 with 13 years experience in the beauty industry. He has vast experience in the process of lightening hair to help you achieve the blonde of your dreams.

He also offers Hotheads extensions, but if long hair isn't your thing, he is more than proficient in all things hair! Whatever your haircare needs, from a haircut to smoothing treatments, Ryan will help you achieve all your hair goals.

find Ryan on Instagram: @dryanhacker



 Stylist/Reiki Master

She’s an Outlaw Hair Slinger with an Eastern Philosophical vibe. Shelley can slice through strands like a Shaolin Monk with a WuTang flex. Just add Razor.

Master Class training in advanced color technique and razor core cutting taught her super star skills but it’s her verve for edge and art that make her an innovative and fun stylist to collaborate with.

Along with being a Hair Slinger, Shelley’s an art school grad, an ex European squatter and a curator of laughter. Try not to smile while you’re in Shelley’s chair. We dare you.

She’s Instant Zen Incarnate. Shelley is a certified Reiki Master, offering Reiki sessions, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing. She believes in the healing power of food and in the importance of finding peace and balance. From your cortex to the vortex, Shelley can help channel new vibrance into your world.

Find Shelley on Instagram: @shelleyuno